Jihadi whose brother became a soldier: How attacker’s sibling joined the ARMY while he turned to a life of terror after finding his father dead in bed

One of the Borough Market terrorists was traumatised at the age of eight when he found his father dead in bed, MailOnline can reveal.

The killer, whose name is not being released on police advice, had been run over outside his house in East London that same year and left with a permanent limp.

He later became radicalised and had an arranged marriage which produced two children. His older brother, meanwhile, went on to volunteer for the Army Reserves.

The revelations shed new light on the early life of one of the three Islamist terrorists who killed seven people and injured 48 in a car ramming and stabbing spree in Borough Market on Sunday.

One of the Borough Market terrorists, pictured, was ‘traumatised’ when he found his father dead at his east London home aged just eight, it has been revealed. He is pictured on a Channel 4 documentary holding an ISIS flag The 27-year-old was also left with a limp for life after being hit by a car in the same year. He is pictured here in an Arsenal shirt There were 12 arrests in East London yesterday as armed police swooped on a tower block, pictured

A neighbour said that the two formative events took place within a few months in 2002.

They left the eight-year-old in shock and changed the family dynamic for the worse.

‘The father used to care for his children and make sure they grew up well,’ the neighbour told MailOnline.

‘But the mother was rude and aggressive and didn’t seem to care very much about them.

‘One morning, I was getting ready for work and the mother started banging on my door screaming that her husband wasn’t well.

‘I went over and his body was stiff. He was lying on his right side with his arms curled up as if he had a stroke or a heart attack.

Pictured are police carrying out a raid in Barking, east London, today Pictured is a forensic officer examining bins at an east London property following a raid

‘I tried to resuscitate him but it was too late. The little boy had found him in bed and he was crying hysterically.

‘He had to be taken into another room with his cousins. It was a horrific time for him.’

The traffic accident, which took place a few months before, occurred when the boy ran out between two parked cars and was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

‘His teeth were broken and his leg damaged so badly that he was forced to walk with a limp,’ the neighbour said.

‘The family received £2,500 in compensation from the insurers.’

The neighbour added: ‘The father’s death was a day I will never forget. It came so soon after the traffic accident and had a big effect on the boy.

‘He had been a cheeky chappie but then he got more serious and withdrawn.

Officers wielding machine guns have been patrolling London ever since Saturday’s attack

‘It was awful but it still shouldn’t have pushed him to be a murderer. He must have been brainwashed by the older generation that targets vulnerable children.’

The killer’s father used to work selling fruit and vegetables at a local street market despite the fact that the family was living on state benefits, the family’s former landlord told MailOnline.

After he died and the extra income dried up, the mother stopped paying the rent for the small house they rented in East London, the former landlord said.

‘While the father was alive they never missed a payment, but after his death the mother started messing around.

‘She was getting benefits but she didn’t want to hand them over,’ the landlord said.

‘She would be very rude and disruptive when we asked her for the rent. She wouldn’t let us in the property to see if it was being kept well, even if we gave them notice. She was a very controlling sort of woman.’

Friends of the family said that the terrorist became radicalised around 2013 when he started visiting a conservative mosque in East London.

‘You see lots of young guys going in there and within a few months they start wearing religious clothes and not talking to members of the opposite sex,’ the friend said.

The attacks in Borough Market and London Bridge left seven dead and caused crowds of people to flee in terror, pictured, after the jihadis mowed down pedestrians in a van and then began a stabbing frenzy Police, pictured at the scene on Saturday, continue to investigate the murder spree

‘Often young men come out of the mosque and rev their car engines wildly at two or three in the morning.’

It came as a surprise that the terrorist was married, the friend said, as he had never been seen mixing with women.

It was only when she heard that he had had an arranged marriage that it began to make sense.

‘We last saw him when he was paying respects after a local community member died,’ the friend said.

‘He was like a completely different person, totally obsessed with religion and very critical of everyone else.’

Neighbours of the family said they all went to Pakistan about three years ago when a relative fell ill and died from an infection.

He was married five years ago in Chigwell in a ceremony attended by more than 400 people. It was an arranged marriage.

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