Good rock isn’t dead, check out ‘Head Bent’ by The Cold Stares

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Some people wonder where all the good rock music has gone. You may not find a lot of great new rock on the radio, but rest assured that good rock is available. A good example is Head Bent, the new album from The Cold Stares.

The album opens with "John," a song whose intro makes you think you’re about to hear a country-blues album. After the mellow bluesy intro, it becomes a groove-rock song (complete with a guitar solo) that will have you pumping your fist. Part of the groove of the song comes from the gut-rumbling bass notes. It’s a good tune to prepare you for the rest of the album. If you like the groove of "John", you’re going to love "Kings". This song is full of riffs that will get you moving. This will also get you to crank the volume if it’s not already as loud as you can make it.

If you were to compare the title track to a vehicle, it would be a dusty 70s muscle car (black of course) with the windows open as it rolls on an open highway. From the opening notes, this one is just a furious display of both tempo and volume. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing a little headbanging when you hear this one.

You don’t have to hear a lot of "Stuck in a Rut" to realize that this is the kind of song you could easily hear in an arena-rock show. The beat drives this song, but everything about this song rocks. In addition to the heavy grooves of the guitar, the organ provides another layer that makes this song nearly impossible to resist.

If you ever hear anyone say that rock and roll is dead, this album is all you need to counter that claim. The Cold Stares know how to rock, and they provide it in big, healthy doses. There isn’t any mystery to this album. It is just 11 songs of pure rock and roll goodness. Head Bent (Small Stone Records) will be available on June 16.

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